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Title: The Adventures of Sophie Mouse, Book 1: A New Friend.

Author: Poppy Green.

Illustrated by: Jennifer A. Bell.



Age Group: Young Readers, Aged 5-8.


   I was actually very surprised by how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book. After selling so many copies at work I was starting to wonder exactly what made this book so popular amongst the little girls in the five to eight year old age group - on a spur of the moment choice I bought a copy on my Kindle this morning and couldn't put it down until I was done. I tried to break midway to get my morning coffee but couldn't bring myself to part with the book. As an adult it kept me on my toes wanting to know what came next so the appeal is definitely there and clear for young readers seeking adventure in a new book.

   The story follows young eight year old, Sophie Mouse who is going to be heading back to school again after Winter Break. She spends the last day of Winter Vacation with her best friend, Harriet Frog - better known as Hattie. They get up to all kinds of fun and excitement before heading off to school the very next day to join the rest of their forest friends and classmates.

   All the young animals of Silverlake Forest arrive at school for their first day of Spring classes when Mrs Wise, the class teacher and Owl, announces to the class that there's going to be a new student. Sophie is excited to be meeting a new student, Hattie is a little nervous being the shy and timid frog that she is - but no one expects the type of animal that walks through the door that day.

   This book is a perfect transition if you're trying to introduce your young one to chapter books from picture flats. With slightly larger font size, easy to manage chapters and beautiful illustrations, your child won't get that overwhelming feeling that can intimidate new young readers in the world of chapter books. This book is thin, manageable, fun to read and very exciting. It teaches the value of friendship and not judging others before you get the chance to meet them and learn more about them.



Until next time, keep turning those pages.

xx Phoenix

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