A Perilous Path: The Misguided Foreign Policy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry by influential and experienced writer Anne R. Pierce is a book that will open your eyes and make you question what the media and politicians coerce you into believing

FROM THE BACK OF THE BOOK: Exposing the moral and strategic deficits of the Obama, Clinton and Kerry approach to world affairs, A Perilous Path takes a close look at American history, while at the same time providing fresh, thought-provoking analysis. It calls for renewal of the best American foreign policy traditions, which emphasize “peace through strength” and human rights. 

America...don't people refer to it as the land of hope? Few of them really know the flaws in its system. I didn't either! That is where this book comes in. It's literally 300+ pages of knowledge and insights, and the author guides you seamlessly from the historical background of US in World War II to the Cold War, and at last, to the present day foreign policy structure. There are three major points where this book scores
  1. The author manages to make everything sound interesting and keeps you turning the pages of what could have been a very dull read
  2. This was released at the perfect time- before the elections. I'm sure this book will open your eyes and make you rethink your decisions
  3. The author leaves no stone unturned and her views are completely impartial (which came as a big surprise to me, since that is rarely the case with such kind of book
  4. You need to read this book! It was only after I finished reading it that I realised how much today's American Foreign policy has deviated from the base principles laid down long ago
  5. The author's writing is brilliant! She's concise and to the point, yet does not alienate the reader
My Rating: Five Stars!!!


About the Author- Anne R. Pierce is an author, commentator and scholar in the areas of American Presidents, American Foreign Policy and American Society. Her foreign policy work emphasizes both national security and global stability, and human rights and political freedom. With a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, she is an appointed member of Princeton University's James Madison Society and a Political Science Field Editor for Transaction Publishers. Pierce has written three books, and contributed to three others. Her articles have been published in in USA Today, The Washington  Times, Society, Washington Examiner, USEmbassy.gov, Ricochet.com, World and I and elsewhere


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