Title // A Son of Carver
 Author // Haven Francis
 Pages // 546 pages
 Publisher // CreateSpace Independant Publishing Inc
 Series // Carver High, #2
 Release Date // May 2016
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 Sometimes the best version of yourself is the one you can only see through  someone else’s eyes. But what happens when those eyes belong to the one person you don’t want them to?

Thanks to her father’s affair and her parent’s resulting separation, Presley Knox has been ripped from her life in California and dropped into an abyss in the middle of Georgia. With her alternative looks and creative spirit, trying to find her place in a sea of jocks and cheerleaders is hard, but doing it while living with her cousin who belittles her every chance she gets is almost impossible. There is one person in Carver who embodies everything Presley hates about her new life and she can’t help but use him as the outlet for all of her frustrations.

Nash Carter’s bad boy image isn’t a façade; he drinks too much, sleeps around, makes his money street racing and has zero plans for his future beyond living a rowdy life with his likeminded dad and older brother. His good looks, cut body and popularity have always gotten him anything and anyone he’s ever wanted. That is until Presley Knox showed up at Carver High.

Nash knows to steer clear of Presley and her sharp tongue that’s always aimed at him. But that becomes impossible when they’re paired together for a semester-long photography assignment that promises to push them into the depths of each other’s personal lives. In order to survive the semester, Nash implements a new strategy: get the one girl who’s immune to his charm to change her mind about him.

With Nash’s unwavering pursuit to know everything about her, and with the nagging voice inside her head that’s insisting there’s more to him than she’s letting herself see, Presley struggles to keep her wall firmly in place. When it slowly begins to crumble, Nash wonders if he should have kept his distance after all because the girl that’s been hiding under Presley’s hard shell is breaking his heart wide open.

Nash has been a lot of things to a lot of girls, but Presley’s the only one he’s ever wanted to shelter and protect. But how is he going to do that when he knows she’s right to keep their friendship a secret in order to protect herself from him?


Romantic, cute and a perfect romance summer hit, A Son of Carver is the standalone novel that every girl needs to possess.

From the minute I opened A Son of Carver, I rolled my eyes and instantly discarded it as the Entangled: Crush book that didn’t make it. I judged the book, and that makes me feel so incredibly foolish – especially considering how fabulous the book actually was. My biggest love for this book was the depth. The writer took her time to develop a history, a plot, the characters and their personality and literally everything else in the story. There has been so much effort put into the story which pays off incredibly well. As I was reading the story, I was able to recall details of pasts which were referred to. I like this – I like being able to stand with a novel and evaluate where it’s going and where its been, who’s been what and who has yet to appear.


The characters, including the secondary and flimsy characters, all had an incredible likability to them – well, with the exception of one. I liked how each character had a specific role in making the novel amazing. Obviously my favourite characters were the two protagonists, Nash and Presley. Something I adored was the originality of the names. It reminds me of the naming in The Hunger Games, because the more unusual the name, the more the book will stand out. Nash is honestly such a sweetheart. I want to wrap him up in cotton wool and bubble wrap and squeeze his little cheeks. Like any young adult, bad boys have a profound effect on me. They’re sexy, they’re naughty and inside beats the heart of a nice guy.

Nash was definitely a character I loved, and probably one of the best male protagonists I have ever encountered. When the story is told from his perspective, it is both believable and honest. Presley is that bad ass chick with the insecurities that force her to hide herself away. It’s terrible being made to feel inferior your life, and dealing with the divorce if your parents is only going to amplify the issues. But Presley had an inner strength I admired and aspired to have. That makes her a winning character in my eyes.

While the book was actually the second in a series, it can standalone. It is a brilliant move because I now want to go back and read the first one. A Son of Carver was a bloody brilliant novel, and one that I want to own a physical copy of. I’m definitely about to go and check Amazon. And you should too.


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