Title: Beaten

Author: Rebekah Rue

Rating: 4/5


My name is Lo Knight. 
I am possibly the worst person in the world. 
All I wanted was for them to disappear. 
I killed my parents. 
Heath Mavrick has a claim on me that can’t be touched. He is a free soul, a wild card, but he was the tiny spark that caught my whole world on fire and brought it all crumbling down into a pile of ashes. I cut him from my life, and, in turn I lost the love I loved the most.

Change is hard, especially if it’s being forced. 
So when life gives you a second chance, you take it. You make it right. You play it safe. You don’t fall for a dangerous street racer. I was warned. 
Never date the bad-boy, tattooed, asshole, and Talon is all three. 
The names Talon Baylor. 
I’m great-looking, hot-blooded, and worshipped. 
I don’t ask. I just take. I love competition and I never lose. 
Me? I’m numero uno 
Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. 
I’m a bossy dominant prick. 
There, you happy? I said it. 
There’s a new blonde in town that I’ve made a promise to stay away from, but I can’t. When she turned me down, she made this a challenge, and if I wasn’t interested before I certainly am now. She can resist all she wants, but in the end, I always get my little trophy.


Dominance has never been so good...

Rebekah Rue has an enviable talent.  Not only do her characters jump off of the page due to their realistic qualities, but she allows the reader to connect with her protagonist, Lo.  Instead of painting Lo as an untouchable beauty who surpasses all other women, she is painted as an average girl who is quiet and has gone through many traumas in her life.  I could easily plant myself in Lo's shoes, and I enjoyed imagining myself as her throughout the story.

That being said, this book is definitely only for women who adore dominant men and relationships as Talon can be seen as abusive if his dominance is not understood.  Talon is a force to be reckoned with, and I enjoyed watching him pine after Lo while she just kept denying him.  Seeing a dominant man get played is always fun, but his personality definitely kept both Lo and I on our toes throughout the novel.  I also enjoyed seeing her being chased after by two men, since I am a sucker for love triangles.  Some times authors can present readers with a love triangle that is infuriating, but that was not the case with Beaten.  I felt as though I were living my life through Lo, and the sexiness of Rue's novel let me live out my wildest fantasies.  Her sexual writing was not grotesque as erotica can oftentimes be, and I found it to be artistic in a way that wasn't apologetic.  She made it clear that sex is not something to shy away from, but an active part of the human experience.  Watching Lo come full throttle into a new sequel awakening was, for lack of a better word, hot, and I was envious of her experiences.

If you are looking for a quality erotica romance that is both realistic and artistic, then Beaten would be your best choice.  I thoroughly enjoyed Rue's style, and I am looking forward to what she comes up with next.


    • EDITING: 5/5
    • ORIGINALITY: 4/5

Published by Ashley Nestler