I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this book by the author Portia Porter for #ComedyBookWeek.  It's a very interesting book classed as legal comedy:

Fresh out of law school and eager to start practicing, Portia Porter meets Donny, her first client looking for a quick and easy divorce. Being a millionaire, it shouldn’t be difficult for Donny to pay her fees. But with bills mounting and plenty of excuses Portia’s learning just how hard it is to get a client to pay up.

This is a funny and interesting book. Classed as legal comedy the book is partly a story and also teaches you some key things about lawyers and the law system. Despite the cover this story is set in modern times. Portia tells the story from the first person and this perspective helps you connect with her character right away.

The story is very funny, not so much because of the humour in the actual divorce proceedings but because of all the characters and mistakes that are made throughout. It made me laugh to read what happens to Portia during her first day in court and the strange attitudes and attire of the judge and opposing counsel! Throughout the entire story you get an insight into how the law works and the red tape that is involved in just one lawsuit. There are a lot of legal terms and legal talk but with the underlying story of Donny’s case you don’t get lost or confused.

Before the end of the story the book starts explaining some key points about what happens if people choose to do what Donny did. Although this was very interesting and helps you to understand the ending of the story, I would have preferred this at the end of the book rather than sandwich just before the conclusion. However this is just my personal opinion.

This book is called ‘Beaver vs Beaver’ as it’s the story of one case which was originally mentioned in the book ‘How to Stiff Your Divorce Lawyer’. While I haven’t read that book yet there is no need to in order to enjoy this one. The book has very occasional s swear word but nothing else offensive.

Overall I enjoyed reading this. Although I’m from another country, laws and the general behaviour of lawyers is similar everywhere. So while this would make an excellent book for anyone who is studying law it can be equally enjoyed by anyone who wants to enjoy a good laugh at lawyers.


To read the book blurb and for various links including the author's own website: https://happymeerkatreviews.wordpress.com/reviews/fiction/humour-comedy/beaver-vs-beaver-a-legal-comedy-by-portia-porter/ 

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