Author: Debbra Lynn
Publication Date: December 9th 2015
Genre:  Romance, Romantic suspense, crime
Source: Received this book via the Author in exchange for an honest review.

Review:  Debbra Lynn’s Beyond The Red Carpet is a riveting novel. BOOM. First sentence and already I’ve summed up my entire thoughts. Seriously, Debbra caught my attention from the very first page.
This book jumps from past to present each chapter. Debbra completely nails it. She makes it work like I’ve never seen it worked before honey.
Sophia is the female lead who falls for Marcus Donovan who becomes a big time hot shot Hollywood Director. Many see the Donovans as the perfect couple. Marcus can’t express his love for Sophia more if he tried and Sophia is the perfect housewife with a smile always planted on her face.
However, not all is what it seems to be. With a novel packed with suspense, love, betrayal and murder can you really expect anything less than extraordinary?
Now, my only complaints? The way the dialogue was written was a bit awkward for me and also some parts were VERY fast paced… For instance Sophia and Marcus get married quicker than you can say, “Hitched!”
Overall I enjoyed this read. There is a twist at every corner and it keeps you on your toes. The ending frustrated me but I can’t wait to read more from Debrra Lynn! She definitely nailed her debut novel with this piece.
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