Ember is a farmer’s daughter whose only goal is to survive and stay with her family in the dystopian novel Black Tiger by debut author Sara Baysinger. Set in a post plague America called Ky, the world building done by Baysinger focused on a corrupt, wealthy government built and sustained on the backs of the suffering population. Careers are assigned at age sixteen, so Ember’s upcoming birthday is approached with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Everything changes when she attacks a Defender to save her friend. Now an accused Rebel, in prison, Ember must decide who she can trust and what is right.  


Ember is one of those eminently relatable characters, with a focus on survival rather than changing the world. She cares deeply for her family and friends and in her desperate need to get back to her home she makes some crazy decisions, but her flaws only add to her appeal. Forest and Rain, the two brothers and love interests of Ember, are very different, yet each are realistic and vividly alive. The ending of the book leaves you reaching for more, anxiously waiting for the next installment.


Note: I received a free ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review of the book

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