Deadly Beauties

by Marina Neagu

Paperback, 216 pages

Published : February 2016 by Quantum Publishers

ISBN : 139786069413302

Edition Language : Romanian
Genre : YA Fantasy
Lara knows that dark temptations for her are very great. Raised and protected by a guardian priest, he succeeds, until the age of 18, to restrain his demonic impulses. But when she moves into the Valley of Angels, Lara finds out that her existence is not accidental.
Guardians, soldiers of the angels, are raised and trained to destroy all the shadows, daughters’ daughters.
And Lara is one of them.
Although she managed to hide from guards for 18 years, with her new move, she wakes up not only surrounded by them but also forced to accept a special relationship with one of them.
The new alliance gives Lara the first love, but also the risk of having to pay with his own life the chance to permanently remove the shadows.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Oh.My.Gosh. What a journey this was, what a literary delicacy ! A great fantasy story.

Marina is the third Romanian contemporary author I’m reading and whose writing style catches me from the first sentence. I admit that, I wanted to read this book since it first came out, but…this is a whole other story.

Deadly beauties is a real roller-coaster, where, now you laugh like a maniac due to the sarcastic replies and the next second  you are enjoying a horror movie. The action takes place with a crazy speed, the author doesn’t leave you too much space for the reader to know the characters to well or to accommodate to the situation at hand. This is exactly what I love about a book.

I could go on forever about the book, but I won’t go there. All I’m going to say about Deadly beauties is that it doesn’t lack anything. It has all the action, sarcasm, great characters, love and a big dose of crazy. You wouldn’t want to miss this read !


Published by Cristina Piciu