Title: Echo From Mount Royal

Author: Dave Riese 

Rating: 4/5


1950s Montreal. A young woman from a working class, Catholic-Jewish family blindly falls in love with a handsome, wealthy, Jewish orthodox man. The courtship is a romantic dream, but class, religion and sexual secrets test their love, leading to a shocking, life-changing revelation.


Dave Riese is effortless in the way that he molds current times with the past.  His characters were very well developed, and I felt as though they could be my neighbors or people I would pass on the street.  Echo From Mount Royal is a timeless novel about a person's past and how their past changed them for the future.  When reading this novel, I reflected on my own life and how small events can change the entire course of a life.

But what fascinated me the most about this novel was the romance element that encompassed the story and the time period.  I am always fascinated by romance stories set in previous times due to the romantic air that always seems to surround them, and this novel lived up to my expectations.  I am not familiar with Montreal in the 1950s, and I enjoyed learning about that world through this novel.  Riese made history fun, and I enjoyed knowing that Rebecca was based off of a real person and her stories.  It was clear that Riese worked hard to make sure that her stories were accurate, while also incorporating his own fictional elements to make the story his own.  I was very impressed with the natural flow of his plot and scenes, and plan on keeping this book forever.  I found it to be an ideal historical fiction novel, and it deserves to be recognized on a broader scale.  IF you are interested in historical fiction novels that involve the characters in current times as well, then this book is the best choice to pick up.

Published by Ashley Nestler