Groovy Joe is reminiscent of Pete the Cat; laidback, fun-loving and ready to share. With his hip beat and positive message, this golden dog will have all your young friends singing along as Joe strums his guitar and boisterously rhymes about how groovy it is to share. When dinosaurs interrupt with loud roars and angry, stomping feet, Joe doesn’t even miss a beat, instead he offers up some of his Haggen Dogs ice cream and some sweet sounding tunes. When the ice cream runs out and the dinosaurs turn to glare, Joe improvises and turns the empty carton into a drum and everyone keeps on singing. The rhyming text by Eric Litwin has all of the fun and repetition necessary to engage even the toughest young readers. The bold, bright illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld are captivating, with fun expressions and amusing antics done up in watercolor and colored pencil. As with the Pete the Cat books, Groovy Joe has a musical download of the text on Scholastic’s site that you should definitely check out. Dancing dinosaurs, singing dogs, and a rhyming beat, this book is just the first in a fun new series.  

Published by Sarah BooksBeforeBandaids