Most people in First World Countries live in a bubble. These bubbles give people the perception that life is typically good and easy, where there is always food on the table and roof over their heads. However, this "reality" is not a typical household throughout the world. In many parts of the world, people live in fear, whether that fear includes being persecuted for their beliefs or wondering where your next meal is coming from. I Am Malala really helped bring that into perspective for me.

This book highlights the struggle Malala Yousafzai faced while standing up for education in Pakistan. From a young age, Malala went to conferences, gave interviews and speeches speaking out about education for young women in Pakistan and throughout the world. In her book, she discussed the struggles her and her family faced as the Taliban took over regions of Pakistan and other countries in the Middle East. Then at the age of 15, Malala was shot by the Taliban point blank while riding the bus home from school. A year after the shooting, she stood up at at United Nations meeting to discuss education. 

I Am Malala really helped me appreciate all the opportunities I received in my education here in the United States. I never had to worry about whether I would have the right and the ability to go to school growing up it was just something I did. Even going to college was never a question. I was always destined to go a get a college education. After reading this book, I will never take that for granted again. So the next time you think, man I don't want to go to school or man I don't want to go to class, think about all the girls and boys out there that don't have the ability or the right to go to school and get up and go to class. 

I would give this book a 5 out of 5 rating. As this books really makes you think and consider life outside of your bubble and gives you a different perspective on education throughout the world. 


Published by Cameo Jonas