Title: I Won't Break

Author: E. Mellyberry

Rating: 5/5


Lea and Andrew’s story continues in this sequel to My Lea. From the city of San Francisco, the tale journeys on to the other part of the world: Jakarta, Bali, and Tokyo.

It’s been five years since Andrew walked out of his apartment and left Lea in America. Five long years without any single contact.

Andrew is now a twenty-eight-year-old man who just inherited his father’s business empire and is about to marry the granddaughter of the wealthiest man in Singapore. At twenty-four, Lea is in the early process of sorting out her life and career back in her home country.

When Andrew’s father passed away, they are reunited again for the first time since America. 
Like it or not, they are forced to revisit their past and deal with their unfinished business. For most people, love is the answer to everything. But Lea and Andrew’s love is far from ordinary. Theirs is tainted by sin and guilt. And anger. Lots of anger.

What happened five years ago that made Andrew leave?

What happened after Twin Peaks?

What happened to their baby?

Told in both past and present events, I Won’t Break tests the limit of love when faced with grief and heartbreak, discovers the true power of forgiveness, and explores the meaning of second chances.


I Won't Break is a rare sequel that is not only just as good, but even better, than the first book in the series, My Lea.

The novel follows Lea and Andrew five years after the first novel when they are reunited once again, and one of the best things about this novel was that it wasn't a dreamlike reunion.  Instead, it brought about more heartache because they were both forced to confront each other and the feelings that they shared those five long years ago.  E. Mellyberry did a fantastic job pouring reality into this novel, and not making it into a fairytale.  She knows how people tick and what emotions they experience in any situation, and her insight was amazing.  Her books are not just novels, they are stories of you and me, of people living and hurting and forgiving and loving.  She doesn't force her novels to be cheerful and entertaining for the reader, she forces her reader to stare at things that they would rather look away from - such as grief and heartache - and feel all of those things along with the characters.  The best writer is one that writes about life as how it is, but from a raw and real perspective, and Mellyberry's novels are some of the best of our time.  She writes with a knowledgeable and dignified voice, and doesn't shy away from speaking what she feels and sees for herself.  It is clear when reading not only I Won't Break, but My Lea as well, that she is writing to speak her voice and get her stories out into the world, and isn't writing to satisfy the reader.  Her novels have become a part of my soul, and if you want raw, heart wrenching novels that ring with the timeless voices of some of our greatest authors, such as Harper Lee, then look no further than My Lea and I Won't Break.  Her work cannot be categorized because it breaks the mold, and you will be changed upon reading her words.


Published by Ashley Nestler