While my husband drives a car, I cannot; I take the bus most places which means my son does also, to and from work, the store, everywhere; for us a road trip is a trip on the bus. Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena tells a story of diversity without making diversity the story. Instead this is a novella of love, love between CJ and his nana, love from his nana to those less fortunate, and love for the world around them. CJ, like most young children, is full of the why and the how come questions, to him it feels like everyone has it better than him. His nana answers each of his questions with strength and love, showing him that it doesn’t matter if they have less than some, as long as they look for beauty and love in what they have. As CJ begins to look for the wonder and beauty in the things around him, he too sees it and begins to feel better about their day’s errand, so when they reach the soup kitchen he is ready and willing to help out with a new appreciation of life. I love how the text can stand alone, with or without the pictures the story is beautiful, but the pictures are amazing. The illustrations by Christian Robinson highlight urban life, with a focus on the unique diversity found in a city. The bright colors bring this world front and center for the reader, with incredible detail that capture the reader’s attention and keep them engaged. This is a heartwarming story that works well as a read aloud used over and over again.

Published by Sarah BooksBeforeBandaids