In a family with multiple races, talking about race is a necessity because if I don’t have the conversation with my son, someone else will and some people have. When I saw that @hereweeread posted the book Let’s Talk About Race by Julius Lester I immediately bought it (of course it was sold out and took forever to arrive, but arrive it did). My son loves #bookmail so he ripped the package open and the first thing he said to me when he saw the pictures on the front cover was; look mom, like me. I work hard to find books that work as mirrors for my son showing diversity in the characters, as well as the authors, but clearly diversity in books is something even my very young son is seeking. Lester focuses on the idea that race is only part of a person’s story. He talks about how everyone has a story made up of many parts and the things that make us all different are the details in our stories. Lester makes the concept of racism versus tolerance tangible, literally tangible, by asking the reader to press against their bones and realize that if we did not have skin we would all have the same hard bones underneath. Your race is you, but it’s just one aspect of your story.  The illustrations by Karen Barbour are bright with compelling details. My son wanted to spend time looking at every single person on each page, talking about who they were and what their life must be like. The bold, colorful images are engaging and captured his attention easily.

Published by Sarah BooksBeforeBandaids