Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney uses inspiring rhyme to show that Mama Llama will always be there when Baby Llama calls. The text is great for beginning readers as it is engaging and the endearing rhymes make it easy for them to quickly pick it up and read along with you. This is a story that my son begs to hear over and over again. He loves the reassurance that it offers, the humor it shows and the unconditional love it demonstrates.

The pictures are so relatable with Mama Llama and Baby Llama preparing for bed with story time and a goodnight kiss. Then, Baby Llama wants a drink, but Mama doesn’t come right away. His facial expression is classic as he goes from fretting, to boo-hooing, to hollering, to full out tantruming. All because Mama answered the phone and doesn't bring him his water ASAP. When Mama Llama runs up the stairs to see what is going on, I feel like every parent can relate to her feelings of concern followed by frustration. The ending is perfection itself as Mama Llama kisses Baby Llama goodnight and he falls asleep. Although, to be fair, I'm pretty sure that a simple kiss would not have calmed down that tantrum in my house, but hey maybe that's just my kiddo.

Anna Dewdney’s books are beautifully told, relatable, and inspiring. Llama Llama Red Pajama is just one of her many delightful stories. She has always been an author and illustrator to be reckoned with, a force that makes a difference for readers of all ages. Her presence has helped to make the world a better place. Her loss after her battle with cancer will be deeply felt. She has asked that everyone read to a child to commemorate her passing. I know that we will read a Llama Llama book in her honor.

Published by Sarah BooksBeforeBandaids