Drum music can be a powerful thing and for those who feel called to the sound of that beat, they can play on just about anything. Brian Pinkney illustrates this perfectly in Max Found Two Sticks. Max is not having a great day, but when he finds two sticks that fall off of a tree he finds a way to fill his day. He starts drumming on everything he can find. Max's drums reflect his reality with soda bottles, garbage cans and a bucket being used. People ask him questions, but he answers everyone with the sound of drums. As he plays the music he starts to feel better. His music mirrors the sounds of the city around him, from the birds, to the train; he plays the sounds of his world. When a local band marches by one of the drummers flips a set of sticks to Max and he keeps on drumming. One of my favorite aspects of this book is how it is about music, but it features a diverse character, I love it when my son can read books with diverse characters doing things he loves. I like how it is not just about diversity or struggle or injustice, but about life, it reminds me of the joy I get in reading The Snowy Day; it features diverse characters doing everyday things. To me some of the best books are the ones where my son can see himself reflected in the diversity of the characters, but they are doing things he can relate to. What do you look for in books for your kids?

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