A witty, fun and romantic chick-lit, Millie’s Game Plan had me entertained. This easy to read novel follows the antics of marketing expert Millie as she attempts to find the man of her dreams by pretending to be a sports photographer. Millie takes control of her love life, but not even she could have anticipated the events that take place.

Millie is such a likable character who is by no means perfect. She’s great at her job and  runs her late dad’s theatre group Hamlets. The supporting characters added to the humour and plot of Dean’s novel. Millie’s mum had such a large personality that I couldn't help but love her!

The plot. It’s definitely not your ordinary chic-lit, so don’t be fooled by the cover. The plot twist caught me off guard and kept me engrossed.

I just adored this book! From Dean’s easy writing style (after a few pages I got into the story) to Millie’s love interests and the inclusion of Hamlets, this novel put a smile on my face. It’s a delightful read and one for a chilled afternoon or evening.

Published by Chermaine Sowah