Engaging. Power. Money. Lies. Secrets

Murder Notes is a very big surprise from Lisa, who had used us with her hot – steamy books. I never thought I’d read such books by her. M.N. reminds me a lot of my favorite tv show Rizzoli & Isles. 

This new series by LRJ is like nothing you’ve ever read by her. She had outdone herself with this series, but then again, when doesn’t she?!  

I simply just don't know what to say about this new series. It left speechless and it doesn't happen very often that book renders me speechless. 

FBI agent in the crime division and a secret that threatens to be disclosed by someone who’s on her tail since she arrived back home in The Hamptons.  He will come haunt her down, just like wild predators do their catch. It feels like all the crimes contain a subtle message for her.

An old flame,rekindles herself...but will IT stay that way ?! Guess I'll just have to wait and see. 

And once again...WOW !!!!! Congrats,Lisa for this new and amazingly thrilling series !

Published by Cristina Piciu