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I loved this book. Linda and Big Mac are the heart of Gansett Island. It was so fun to read about their story even forty years later. They are a couple to want to be like. They are fierce with love and loyal to all of their family and friends. They are the couple you would want to take after.

In this book do we not only look back on how Mac and Linda met and fell in love but we get a look into what is going on with the kids. Even though they are adults now and most are married and have some kids but to Mac and Linda they will always be their kids.

My heart hurts for Adam and Abby. I hope they can make it through this trying time. I know something is going to happen in the future to where they either adopt or by some miracle they end up pregnant. I just cant wait to find out.

Mac and Maddie and Joe and Janie are both in the same boat. Both pregnant and both scared of what this means. For Mac and Maddie after losing the last baby they are worried about it happening again. Joe and Janie are scared of what happened last time happening again. Since her and her baby almost lost their lives I can understand why they are so scared.

I am looking forward to reading more about Slim and Erin. I think they would make a good couple. If you have not read this series yet it is a must. You need to put these books on your want to read list and get busy reading.

Thank you Marie for always giving us a great read and letting us go back to seeing what all of our friends were up to.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog.

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