For boys and girls in love with trucks, especially monster trucks, Old MacDonald had a Truck by Steve Goetz is a fun remake of a favorite nursery rhyme. This engaging book, follows the traditional song structure, as Old MacDonald and his wife pull up to the farm with an old red truck whose bed is filled with a supped up engine. Each page shows Old MacDonald and his farm animals working with a different type of truck or large machinery building something. From an excavator that digs, a front loader that scoops, to a dump truck that goes dump thump, Goetz’s text engages readers with the sing-song rhythm of the words. While the first read might seem unfamiliar, even the youngest readers can recognize the E-I-E-I-O, that is sometimes mixed up with a humorous uh-oh or slooow. As Mr. MacDonald is busy building the fun new monster truck track outside; Mrs. MacDonald, is supping up the old red truck with a new engine, new paint job and new tires. Eda Kaban’s illustrations have cunning details with the animals getting involved throughout the work. I love how at the end it is Mrs. MacDonald who drives the monster truck into the sunset, what a beautiful image!

Published by Sarah BooksBeforeBandaids