It took me about 8 days to read this 400 page book. When I was supposed to be doing homework, when I was supposed to be sleeping, when I was supposed to be studying, I read Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill. It is one of the most provocative and haunting books I have encountered.

It takes place in the future where women are raised to learn how to be perfect for a man. It focuses on frieda, one of the students whose dream is to be a companion. The story delves into frieda’s relationship with her former friend isabel, frieda’s struggle to fit the requirements of the society, and frieda’s conflicting feelings. It’s about friendship and love and sexism. It is a feminist novel, showing the affects of pressuring girls to be perfect for men. The book even goes as far as to lowercase the names of all the females in the story. It’s incredibly well written, and I will be thinking about its message for a long time.

I can’t recommend this book to everyone. If someone has had trouble facing extreme insecurities regarding beauty, this is probably not the book for him or her. It’s very intense, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it for a few days now.

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Published by Lindsey Staub