I have come to realize that plots that try to change history come with serious repercussions...and I love it.  Payback is precisely one of these novels, and I couldn't have been more pleased by the outcome of its plot.

Assassinating Hitler has been a popular topic as of late, and even though I have seen other novels discuss this possibility and the "what ifs" of it all, Payback brought more to the table.  It is a novel filled with disaster and possibility, and Michael Fitzgerald didn't hold anything back.

Fitzgerald's writing is crisp and clear.  He didn't add unnecessary details or drama that could hinder this type of story, and he stuck straight to the facts.  It was clear to me that he knows this time period well and prepped his novel in length to make sure that it was as factual as possible.  I couldn't put Payback down due to the historical intrigue, and I am sure that crime enthusiasts, as well as history buffs, will faun over it.  I highly recommend it for anyone interested in WWII history as well as alternate history and crime!

Published by Ashley Nestler