Blurb of Peter's Sisters by LM Foster

Sue’s in the mental hospital and she’s only partially surprised. There had been that thing, that . . . interlude with her sister’s new boyfriend. When he’d started it – what possible choice did she have but to go ahead and finish it? 

Bonnie wanted to be fair. Her sister had just snapped, and Bonnie reckoned that such a thing could happen to anybody. She’d almost gone over the edge herself once. On the other hand, what Susan had done, the things that she’d said . . . Bonnie wanted to be fair, but she wasn’t sure she could forgive Sue. Not for any of it.


The story revolves on three main characters Susan or Sue, Bonnie and Peter. Well as the title suggests, there’s something about Peter’s sisters! 

A mesh of relationships, ups and downs of life, people coming and going in the journey of life, and feelings which these things bring with them, make the story an intriguing one. And then, how far can one be sure about the intentions of the others around you, whom should you trust? Can you even trust yourself? Well that is what I kept thinking hours after reading the book.

The story starts with slow uncovering of Susan and then Peter’s character. And then comes Bonnie. The story moves forward as journal entries and that’s made it all the more interesting. 

The cover attracts the attention as it is exactly where the story begins from. The writing is smooth and crispy. It keeps the attention and the interest intact until you reach the end, rather it makes you feel there should have been more! More about Susan. More about Peter. More about what happened next? Was it anything real? Was it just illusion? Could that really happen? And that’s what made me feel content and happy that I read it. Though a little over the boundary about incest and list, it is not an erotica.

 Just the story to give a quick read, as it is just a 116 pages of thrill and shock! It will leave you questioning your sanity for sometime. I loved the way the writer leaves the reader in a state of wonder and shock!

I wonder, did I just read it or did I just make it up in my own mind? Any ideas? 

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Published by Syeda F R