Jennifer Sattler’s book Pig Kahuna is a great story about two pig brothers, Fergus and Dink, who are spending their Saturday at the beach collecting treasures that the waves brought in. They have already found some great things: seaweed, a pebble and a shell, when a surfboard floats up. They decide to grab it and add it to their treasure, but they can’t take it into the water themselves because they are scared of what terrifying creatures might live in there. Fergus and Dink name their surfboard and play with him on the beach, when Dink decides to set him free. Fergus has a choice, face his fear and save the surfboard or let it go. This book does a great job of showing readers a character that has a definite fear and has to face it, Fergus even calls the unknown in the water the lurking, murky ickiness and the pictures of it are great, fish like with protruding eyes and sharp teeth (but not too scary for little kids). When Fergus sees the surfboard is in danger out in the water, he jumps in after the surfboard without thinking, but the pictures clearly show that he is scared, almost panicked.

When Fergus survives his first surfing experience and Dink praises him, Fergus is jubilant, again the pictures really add to the story here, with the expression on his face showing a lot of what he is thinking. This book is a great way of talking about trying new things and overcoming fears.

Published by Sarah BooksBeforeBandaids