Raybot by Adam F. Watkins is about a robot in search of a friend, but not just any friend, a best friend. He is all alone and after finding a ripped up advertisement for dog bones, he sets off on an adventure that sees him exploring the world, encountering numerous animals, and learning lots of animals sounds. Every animal that Raybot meets, he asks Bark?, but they all respond with their own animal sounds, none of them says bark back so he keeps looking.

As he travels the world he meets animals as diverse as a pig to a moose to a lion, even a penguin. But it isn’t until Raybot meets a parrot that someone finally responds Bark! Raybot has found his puppy, who also has a puppy that says woof! The text is great for teaching animal sounds, who really knows what a hippo says? Or a walrus? Well, now you will have the answer as you journey the world with Raybot. The idea that friends come in all shapes and sizes is so perfect and cleverly done in this story, I love it! The pictures are bright and often hilarious. I love the image of the giraffe twisting it’s long neck down to talk to Raybot or the image of Raybot frantically swimming away from the shark. Even Raybot’s body is super cute with his red and yellow stripes, but clunky silver head and feet. The wonder in his face as he discovers the world is perfection!

Published by Sarah BooksBeforeBandaids