Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamiliton was an action packed adventure full of magic and a revolution. The premise is really interesting, Amani, a crack shot and spirited young woman, lives in a dead end town, where her only options are to become a wife or get out. Amani is sarcastic and funny, with big dreams, so she knows she has to leave. When she meets the mysterious stranger Jin the action really starts. Jin is charming, and always in some kind of mess, he and Amani have a sort of insta-love which I found rather frustrating, but otherwise I found both characters pretty engaging.

The world building was strong, it was an interesting mix of Western, with a train heist, but the Arabia style desert setting is similar to 1001 Arabian Nights. There are unique magical elements at play with attacks from paranormal beings and people with supernatural powers; plus, there is a whole rebellion being led by a banished prince. I look forward to seeing where the story goes in book 2.  

Published by Sarah BooksBeforeBandaids