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Magic is everywhere I can feel it. Anyway, this day was my book review for the book, Rise (Trifecta Series #1) by Luis Almonte. Hope you're doing great these days. :)


Fifteen-year-old high school sophomore Alexia Wick is an ordinary girl, with extraordinary abilities. She attends the prestigious South Haven Academy for the Gifted and Talented, but unknown to the other students, she is an Alerium witch. The daughter of a High Priest and Priestess, Alexia must learn to navigate the pressures of high school, all while preparing for one of the biggest competitions of her life- the Annual Trials.

Skill, stamina, and loyalty will all be tested in Rise, the first installment of the Trifecta Series. In this debut contemporary fantasy novel, magic gets real as Alexia trains for the Annual Trials, which pits teen against teen, by focusing on her craft and pushing her magic and spell casting abilities to their absolute limit. When the handsome and confident Kaleb moves into town, he offers Alexia a welcome distraction from the Trials, but a dark secret could soon tear them apart.

In the trials arena, friendships will be put to the test, fears will be confronted head-on, and powerful spells will be unleashed. When Alexia is confronted with the ultimate game of chance, and is torn between her first real love and the allegiance that binds her to her coven, will she buckle under the weight of the pressure ... or will she rise to the challenge?

Ψ Trifecta Series #1 Ψ Kindle Edition Ψ Published: 27th Aug. 2016 – Theorem Ψ


I’ve been into to the magic world stuff nowadays after watching The Magicians’ few episodes based from the novel of Grossman. On how every caster makes their owned spell work even in the slightest projection or to the greatest production. I just love the way it was or the casting of it. Magic usually a great factor on everyone happy childhood, I think but not mine ‘cause I’m sure it is really a big contribution to my creative imagination back then. This book, Rise by Luis Almonte, which is his debut novel was a quite indulging novel I ever read with its cunning story. An exception to make if you want to read an original journey that comprises of a young adult story and sure a relatable one. Though this is the first book of the Trifecta Series, once you’ve read this you will definitely want the next. Told in the perspective view of the main character, Alexia Wick, which can be a good way to feel by the reader - the character itself (and I like the way it used to be).

Intensely glued to every single page of this story, the suspense, and anticipation it gives to let me fell for its flow and fluidly adrift to its whole. Not to mention of its well done constructive writing that lets you be engaged in every turn of the chapter. The steady pace of the story also put me not to be lagged and just go continue with the stream. This was really great and interesting book and wanting to read the next book to this. Hopefully, to give an answer to Kaleb’s part on how more he can be an interesting plot twister in the story.

What other to say - nothing other than if you’re into magic and fantasy and witches and stuff then maybe give this a try, I love on recommending this to you. Not for young readers but of course for an adult there (who is young at heart). Best wishes for the next book and the author.

Looking forward to the series.

My Rating: 5

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