I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this thrilling and exciting science fiction novel:

It’s the year 2715 and UFO crash lands on Earth. It’s contents are transferred to an Alaskan military base known as ‘Sadana’. Sadana is a secret base, nobody knows the horrifying truth of what happens inside, but one man is about to find out, his name is Doctor Peru.

This science fiction novel is a very compelling read, after the first chapter I just couldn’t put it down. It’s very different from other science fiction books I’ve read though. The start of the novel has some poetic lines followed by many pages of explanations of what has happened to the world between our times and the 2700s. This explanation takes up a good portion of the start of the novel but interestingly it isn’t boring to read, far from it, it feels a bit like the opening scenes of a movie where you get snippets of information which allow you to understand the main plot.

The writing style is different from other novels I’m used to. There are long paragraphs which could span a few pages without a break and yet what you read is understandable and you really feel a drive to read on to see what happens. The novel is fast-paced and with a lot of action and twists, you really feel on the edge of your seat as you read through this book. The characters are very well developed and with one particular character having a very twisted mind it really adds to the thrill. Possibly the best part of this fast paced novel is the fact you just don’t know what will happen next. There are twists not only at the end but throughout the whole plot, I really couldn’t predict what would happen.

Despite being an easy to read novel I did at times feel that the paragraph lengths were too long. Some of the paragraphs span more than one page, with no break and with so much information happening I would have preferred some more paragraphs. There are also quite a few extra side characters introduced into the last chapter by name which I felt didn’t need introducing too much but this is my own personal opinion and none of this diminished from the plot.

There is swearing and use of the f word in this novel is fairly frequent during many dialogue exchanges but not constantly frequent throughout all the text of the novel. The novel is also dark and I wouldn’t recommend it to those younger than mature teenagers.

Overall this is a really exciting science fiction novel, full of suspense, action and aliens. The whole story is unpredictable and the ending is good. I’d recommend it to any science fiction fans.


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