Since You've Been Gone is a novel by Morgan Matson that I've been hearing a lot of buzz about, mostly because of it's unique premise. Sloane and Emily have been best friends for a few years with tons of experiences. While Sloane is the more outgoing one, Emily tends to rely on her friend. Suddenly Sloane disappears leaving Emily a list of tasks that are completely out of her comfort zone, such as kissing a stranger and apple picking at night. 

I really enjoyed this book. I had high expectations going into the novel, and they were completely met. It's a feel good novel, with a unique way of storytelling as each chapter is a task for Emily to complete. Rather than having one big conflict, Emily goes through each task, which is almost like a mini story in itself.

Emily's character really grows throughout the book. She goes from being sensible and scared to an adventurous confident girl who is completely comfortable in her own skin. Her growth is awesome and a good example of showing rather than telling. 

I also really loved the supporting characters. As Emily loses her best friend, she's left on her own until she runs into Frank Porter and his best friend Collins. Frank is the main love interest in the book, and he was a great character. Rather than painting him as the perfect guy, he displays real human emotions and flaws. I love that he challenges Emily throughout the book, almost more than he challenges himself. They bounce well off each other, and I just loved the love story told here.  It's probably my favorite part of the novel.

Collins, as the comical best friend is also great as he reminds me of the classic insecure player. Dawn, a unexpected friend for Emily is another great supporting character as she becomes a friend that Emily leans on, but doesn't rely on constantly.  Both characters have their baggage, but it's awesome to see the four friends become a tight group of genuine friends.

Gideon and Benji are also pretty descent characters introduced to the book for an added layer. I like the dimensions added with the flashbacks between Emily and Sloane. It really shows how the list correlates with the story of their friendship.

I'm not going to give away the ending, but the confrontation between Sloane and Emily after the list is touching but also unexpected. We also get a peek of Sloane's character. Additionally, we get to see Emily finally challenge her best friend.

My one and only complaint is about the ending. The end with Frank is really great, but I wanted to see Emily wrap up her other storylines with the characters I had grown attached to such as Dawn and Collins. I guess I just wanted a little more from the actual ending, but it did end somewhat nicely.

Overall, I totally recommend this book for anyone really. If you're more like Emily, you'll definitely relate. If you're more like Sloane, you'll be rooting for Emily to come out of her shell. It's a great read and carefully crafted to make the list more meaningful. I'm giving this book an A, so check it out if you're interested.

Published by Kavita Singh