Society for Supper

Rather than a post-apocalyptic book, this one is actually set during the apocalypse. There has been a mass drought that has sparked off wildfires that are killing both crops and wildlife. As a result, the stocks of food are running very low.

Society has started to unhinge as people become desperate for food, and this book demonstrates the lengths that people will go to in order to get themselves food.

The book is set around Ben Donnelly who is trying to save his family from the effects of famine and society going mad. You literally feel like a part of the family as you follow this story through all the ups and downs.

The author of this book has made the writing very direct and descriptive. You literally feel like a member of the family watching everything through their eyes. Everything is a constant surprise as the story leads you through various twists and turns.

I would definitely recommend this book to anybody interested in anything apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic. This is an entirely different story from the usual course of some kind of disease that creates zombies spreading all over the world. This is a real fight for survival that keeps you wanting more. I found it a definite page turner.

This book has received five out of five stars from me because it is very well written and a unique idea. Saying that though, it is also a believable one.

Published by Angie Trafford