I love a good plot twist, but a plot twist in a picture book is wonderful. Julie Sarcone-Roach’s humorous story The Bear Ate Your Sandwich tells the tale of a missing sandwich. Obviously the bear took it and ate it, but do you know who it happened? Not to worry, the narrator can fill in all of the gaps. Clearly the bear was hungry, but how did he get from the forest where he lives to the city where you were playing in the park. Well he was eating berries when he fell asleep in the back of a truck. Perfectly reasonable. When he woke up in the city, he came upon your sandwich, left by you, unprotected and what was he supposed to do, leave it? Of course not! He ate it. He was hungry after all of his traveling. Plus, he still has to get back home to the forest, he needs a full belly, you understand, right?

The accompanying illustrations are bright and bold with clever details that complement the story line. The bear is charming with his quirky expressions and funny actions. My son and I giggled or way through the story, watching as the bear experienced the city for what seemed like the first time.

Just watch out for the plot twist at the end because you will laugh out loud. Never can trust an unreliable narrator!

Published by Sarah BooksBeforeBandaids