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The Book of Undoing by Fred Davis


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One Line Summary

Simply Enlightenment

The Setup

I’ve talked in a lot of my reviews about Enlightenment. It’s a mind bending topic that would take me forever to explain all the nuances of it and how to get there. However the gist of it is this: “you” must try and find yourself.

Sounds strange right? How could you not know where or what you are existentially? But the fact is that you don’t have a fucking clue.

Most likely what you envision “yourself” to be some sort of perceiver. There’s reality happening, and you’re noticing it. You’re the one seeing objects, hearing sounds, and reading these words. But is that actually true? Can you ACTUALLY pinpoint this “you” that everything is converging to? Try it.

Unless you just became Enlightened, you failed to do this. You failed to find yourself in anything that you are experiencing. Strange right?

Actually, most of you probably didn’t do the exercise and just waved it off as trivial. But actually this work is perhaps the only thing that matters. It’s called Looking, and it’s the subject of The Book of Undoing by Fred Davis.

In this book, Davis takes you through a guided self-inquiry session. It’s written in a dialogue format between a student and Davis and really hammers home what exactly Enlightenment work is.

Why it’s Awesome

First off, it’s a short book. I know everyone likes to complain that they don’t have time to read these days, so if that’s your concern then you can squash that.

Second, everything is well written and stripped down to the essentials. So many spirituality books have so much bullshit in them it’s ridiculous. If you want a book that just gets to the point without all the weird metaphysical claims, this is it. You’ll learn how to do Looking and can start to make it a habit.

Personally, after reading this book I had a pretty intense experience of happiness. That’s not Enlightenment and it didn’t feel like I “saw” anything, but these experiences keep letting me know there’s something here worth pursuing.

Why Does It Suck

If most accounts from other people of what Enlightenment is like, then Fred Davis is not telling you the whole story. He claims you’re just going to “see” and then that’s it. Like, oh okay I get it, time to move on. No.

Enlightenment looks more like a mental breakdown. Your entire world is essentially crumbling at your feet. Everything you knew, everything you cared about, everything you hoped for. All illusions. After what I believe was my first initial seeing, the pain was so great I begged for it to stop. I regretted coming within a million miles of Enlightenment and convinced myself what I saw wasn’t real. But now that it’s been some time, I’ve been drawn back to the subject.

Your ego cannot desire Enlightenment because your ego is what must be unraveled. When McKenna says the price of truth is everything, he’s not being dramatic.

The Wrap Up

The Book of Undoing is a great book for people trying to learn about the process of Looking. And you definitely might have some sort of Enlightenment experience if you really read the book and take what he is saying seriously. It takes real open-mindedness and inhuman levels of determination to do this, but it can be done.

Published by Austin Kourakin