Welcome to Bumpkinton! 

Come in, have a cup of tea and a scone, and lose yourself in five humorous tales from the village. 

Follow Father Whitworth O’Grady as he chokes on a penny, Albert Scatterhorn as he becomes the grubbiest Father Christmas ever, and Amelia Goose as she feuds with… well, anybody. Plus a whole host of characters as they attend the village’s first Singles Night with a sex-crazed ladies’ man. 

Jump in and find out more for yourself… 

The Bumpkinton Tales: Volume One is the first paperback release by the author and includes five humorous short stories and novella’s packed with colourful characters. 

Find a quiet cafe, sit back and enjoy.

My Review:

Sometimes down the passing of life you come across something which is very different. Yet just like your life and your surroundings. This is exactly how I felt when I finished reading The Bumpkinton Tales: Volume One. 

The story moves around the members of the people living in a lesser known and busy in themselves town called Bumpkinton. As each page turns you are given a peek into houses and lives of the various people of the place. Their past, their present, their behaviors and their character. While reading the book, I felt like a person watching over the incidents as they happened in Bumpkinton. And what a fun filled experience it was!

The characters which really left a mark on my mind are Amelia Goose – with her peculiar habits, Father O’Grady – an innovative priest, Fenton – the man most men of Bumpkinton dread and Albert – a tramp who seems to have an unknown story of his! I am hopeful that as the next ones in the series are out, something about Albert will be revealed. There are many more whom you will cross ways with in this book, but these were the special ones for me.

Recommendation: I’d recommend it to those who are willing to read a book which is sensitive and comic, yet doesn’t leave you with a bad taste. The funny scenes are well written and add reality to the story. It looks like it could just be any locality, a township or a small neighborhood. Subtle in its narration and very meticulous and relevant to our little societies and people around. Go for it, friends! While I wait to get my hands on part 2!

Keep reading. Stay safe and healthy!

Syeda FR

Published by Syeda F R