Farah Oomerbhoy, I love The Last of the Firedrakes: The Avalonia Chronicles, please, please, write another one, faster. No pressure, or anything. I’m going to be honest, I found this book by chance as an ebook and I am so enamored with it that I bought the hardcover copy of it because 1. It is gorgeous and 2. I have already reread it and plan on doing so again before book two finally arrives. Oomerbhoy is a brilliant storyteller who can weave a plot full of characters that you will be completely engaged with while you read it as fast as possible.


Aurora Darlington is just 16, but life is far from easy and the tribulations that she goes through daily have left her without confidence and grieving for the loss of her parents. An orphan, her adopted family treats her poorly and school is a mess of bullies. At first things seem to get worse when she is kidnapped and forced into the magical world of Avalonia, but actually this is when Aurora’s true growth begins. Her character development is superb, with family and friendship she blossoms and becomes who she really is, flaws and all. Trust me she makes mistakes, but it makes her seem more relatable.

The world building is amazing. Avalonia is described in great detail, down to even the food. Oomerbhoy is amazing with her descriptions, I felt like I could step into the world and see the castles, the taverns, the midnight market. This is a world of magic with many different types of creatures, both magic and not. The Pegasus, Snow, is one of my favorite characters and don’t even get me started on Rafe, the cute magician. I cannot wait to read book two, really I cannot wait. Do you have any books that you are just desperately waiting for the next one to come out?

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