The 239-page book has ten sections with ten rules each.
These sections are:
1. Rules of staying sane
2. Attitude rules
3. Everyday rules
4. Discipline rules
5. Personality rules 
6. Sibling rules
7. School rules
8. Teenage rules
9. Crisis rules
10. Growing up rules
Templar opined that the Rules of staying sane are most important without which, the other 90 rules are pointless.
This book is about raising well balanced adults and becoming a Rules parent. Each rule is a two-page write up with a highlighted quote to ponder on.
My favourite rules are:
Rule 6: you don’t have to follow every piece of advice you get.
Rule 8: you are allowed to hide from your kids.
Rule 14: Treat your child with respect
Rule 17: Good parenting is calculated risk taking
Rule 20: Parenting is not a competitive sport
Rule 61: Schooling isn’t the same as education
Rule 72: Remember Newton’s Third Law 
Rule 74: Don’t look under the mattress
Rule 76: Don’t stand in front of a speeding train
Rule 81: Don’t use your kids as ammunition
Rule 97: Don’t guilt trip them
Rule 100: Once a parent, always a parent
I strongly recommend this book to every parent and expecting couple. I don’t think any parent should borrow the book. It is a book you should have a copy and read it every year like a ritual.

Published by Kayode Gideon Balogun