Author: Scarlett Cole
Publication Date: July 7 2015
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperback
Genre:  Romance, Romantic suspense
Source: Received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Contains excerpts.

Review: Now, trust me when I say this is harder for me to write than you may believe. The first novel that introduced me to Scarlett Cole’s writing was The Purest Hook. I swore up and down that there was no way any of the other books in the Second Circle series could beat Dred and Pixie’s romance. 

This is now painful for me because I have to take back my own words! Something I usually don’t even do…. like seriously never. I know, I know I’m stubborn. However, The Strongest Steel just could not let me win. As soon as Trent (male lead) sees Harper (female lead) walking past the shop one afternoon, you already know he’s got a thing for her.

As she got close, he could see she was holding a pastry box from the coffee shop down the street. 

“Those for me darling?” he shouted across the street, breaking out the smile that chicks seemed to go for. She looked confused for a moment before she realized he was calling out to her. Damn. A slow, shy smile – and then there was that simple flush of her skin, Such a turn-on. Holy shit.

What you don’t know is how tormented our poor Harper is. She moved to Miami due to a devastating…. and when I say devastating I am not being dramatic here folks… incident. Let’s just say she was in a relationship with a man she shouldn’t have been with and he literally almost took her very life.

She goes to trent looking for a tattoo to mask the proof of her previous life. She’s hoping that Trent is the guy who can make that happen.

“I googled you,” Harper said, turning to face him.

“Learn anything interesting?”

“You’re one of the best there is.” 

 He revealed two striking dimples as he smiled. 

Not only does Trent take on the job, he also takes on the responsibility of being Harper’s very life line. She spends her days wasting away, working at a coffee shop and hiding from life until she meets Trent. He shows her how to live again and how to put her demons behind her.

Of course nothing is perfect in life and that isn’t any different for our leading couple here. It’s clear that they love one another more than words but Harper’s past comes back to haunt them and it’s one long bumpy road till the finish line.

Even with the trials and tribulations Trent refuses to back down. He just made my heart melt with his sweet nature and adorable pet names.

“I know what you’re up to,” she said.

“And what would that be?” he asked with a devious smirk.

“You know.”

“Is it working?”

She looked over her shoulder to where he was still reclining against the wall, watching her patiently. All the reasons she’d vowed to stay alone, to remain uninvolved, fled as he grinned at her.


There isn’t a woman alive who would turn down some extra loving is all I’m saying. Trent knows how to make Harper feel special but also knows how to let her be independent. He’s a man with confidence. And he wants his woman to feel the same about herself. *Sigh* I just really loved him in this novel.

I’m telling you guys right now this is a 1-click novel. Seriously, if you can download, buy or order it today! I will be reading more from Scarlett Cole. She’s amazing.

4 stars of steel for this baby! 

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