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Title: The Sun is Also a Star

Author: Nicola Yoon

Age Group: Young Adult, 13+


   "I think all the good parts of us are connected on some level. The part that shares the last double chocolate chip cookie or donates to charity or gives a dollar to a street musician or becomes a candy striper or cries at Apple commercials or says I love you or I forgive you. I think that's God. God is the connection of the very best parts of us." ~Daniel's viewpoint of religion.

   I didn't even know I would fall in love with this novel until it had latched onto my heart and soul which is fantastic as the main basis of this novel is of the young dreamer Korean boy, Daniel, trying to make the realist Jamaican girl, Natasha, fall in love with his by asking a series of scientific questions to prove that love can be made, not just appear as a jumble of emotions.

   For the first time ever, I can say with all honesty that a Young Adult novel made me cry - both out in sadness and in joy - and for that, I have to thank the wonderful Nicola Yoon for creating such a magical work of art.

   When I first entered this novel, I was entering it with the same sigh of, 'It's going to be another one of those Young Adult novels', by that I mean where the boy and girl fall in love and but they are of two different worlds but they will fight to make it work etc. Whilst some of that is true, they are from different worlds, and they do fall in love, this novel brought something more magical to the table and played it very well.

   Daniel, who is Korean but was born in America, meets the young Jamaican over-stayer, Natasha, who is spending her last day in New York City trying to fight the system to allow her and her family to stay in America. Natasha was only eight when they all moved to NYC to follow her father in his dreams to be an actor, and although her younger brother was born in American it's still proving to be difficult for them to get a passing on the deportation notice, she has until 10pm to try and convince the new attorney as to why she should be allowed to stay.

   Daniel is on his way out for the day to run an errand for his mum and then get his hair cut before going to his big interview - he's going to Yale to study to be a Doctor, his parents wish so no use fighting it. Daniel doesn't want to be a Doctor, he's only 'Second-Best' son next to Charlie but the pressure falls onto his shoulders when Charlie is suspended from Harvard - 'Best-School for Best-Son'.

   When Daniel and Natasha have their worlds collide they will have one magical day to spend together before they can get a result back from Natasha's attorney.

   I very highly recommend this book to all Young Adults, if this isn't on your must buy list as soon as it hits shelves in November then it should be at the very top of the Christmas Wish-List, this novel is to die for and one that you wouldn't regret reading. It stole my heart and left me in the most beautiful place that lingers in between the realms of  Happy-Sad, and I mean that in the best way.


Until next time, keep turning those pages.

xx Phoenix

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