I admit it, The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson, was entirely a cover buy: dogs and an ice cream truck, who wouldn’t want this book, it’s like summer in a portable package. I held onto this book for the perfect moment and right when the angst of dealing with a toddler missing his dad and a dog with a broken hip and the summer heat was about to destroy my sanity, I stayed up all night long to read this book. Matson is a great writer and while this was not my favorite book by her, it still held her signature writing brilliance. I love how Matson writes characters, she makes me care for the people in her stories, even the ones I find myself shaking my head at and muttering to under my breath. She writes fascinating, real world relationships, not just falling in love relationships, but family dynamics that are realistic and relatable, even for those of us who can't relate to the affluent suburban lifestyle that this book describes.

Andie is in the summer before her senior year in high school and she has some serious control issues. She only has temporary boyfriends (are they even really considered boyfriends at the rate she goes through them or just flings), she has an impressive internship set up at Johns Hopkins and a great group of friends. Her dad, a Connecticut congressman, is almost never around and with her mom dead, she really doesn’t have to answer to anyone. Then a political scandal breaks, her dad is forced back home for the foreseeable future and her perfect summer plans are shot. Andie becomes a dog walker, meets Clark, reads a books (this almost killed me), and her entire world begins to change. Personally I think it was because she finally read a book, but that’s just the book lover in me. It deals with friendship, first love, family and growing up (although heads up it is long). If you are a fan of Matson’s writing, YA contemporary fiction or just want a fun summer read, check this out.

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