I was kindly sent a free copy of this book from the publisher Austin Macauley.  It's a very interesting and moving novel:

500 years in the future and the world is all ocean. After a great battle humans have become extinct and there is war and conflict between the sea life that now populates the planet. Tenby, a brave military whale from the Whale Kingdom goes on a quest to find if the rumours of some humans surviving are true. But with so many enemies and dangers lurking in the oceans, will Tenby survive long enough to discover the truth?

The Whale Kingdom Quest is an interesting post-apocalyptic story told from the point of view of the animal and sea life. It’s an interesting and different take on the typical post-apocalypse novel but one that I really enjoyed reading. Most of the story follows Tenby, a medium sized whale with a good heart who goes on an adventure to find the last humans, if there are any who survived. Although the whole story follows the different sea creatures, and other animals, there is a very human feel to all the characters and it’s these human emotions that the animals display that draws you into reading this book.

Set in the future some evolution has happened and it is all very believable. There are new plants and creatures in the story along with mentions of the previous life during the human era. The story has an exciting adventure feel to it but at the same time there’s a lot of darker moments and deaths of some creatures.

The first few chapters of the book are each only a paragraph or two long as they describe the various factions in the world today such as the Whale Kingdom and the Shark Kingdom. These really set the story and after these chapters the tale unfolds. It is known as Book 1 of a series and the whole story does feel like it’s building up to a larger story that could span many books. The ending of the book is satisfying but it’s quite abrupt and this is probably due to the fact that this is book one of a series. What disappoints me so far is that I haven’t seen a second book yet and am unsure if there will be another.

Although reading the entire book is easy and the story gets quite exciting in parts there is a lot of overuse of names. There are groups of sentences that all start the same for example: Tenby did…Tenby said…Tenby… instead of ‘he’. This was a little annoying to read through but is my only real criticism of this book. There is no offensive material apart from some deaths which may be too much for some children.

Overall this is a great story and with a great message of what could happen in the future. With many mentions of what happened in the human era before its extinction this book also has a powerful message of the dangers we pose today on sea life. A novel I’d recommend any ages to read.


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