Author: Marie Lu
Pages: 355
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: October 7, 2014
ISBN: 0399167838
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Date Read:  August 15, 2016
Goodreads Rating: 3.95
Personal Rating: 3 stars out of 5
“Soon you’re going to realize that things don’t end well for everyone.
Some of us are broken and there’s nothing you can do to fix it.”
Adelina Amoterou is a survivor of adeadly blood fever. Ten years ago, a mysterious disease almost wiped out the entire population of Kenettra. Majority of the infected people died and the children who recovered from the said illness were left with unusual markings in their bodies. Adelina’s hair turned from black to silver and she has a scar where her left eye once was. Many believed that children like her are called malfettos, an abomination that may ruin the reputation of their families and most people believe that malfettos bring bad luck. They are referred to as cursed beings that should be eradicated in the society. But some of the survivors were discovered to possess unique abilities and powers that threatens the people around them especially the royal family. They are called THE YOUNG ELITES.
Will Adelina be ready to face the harsh treatment to people like her?
Up to what extent can she tolerate the cruelty of everyone around her?
Will there be anybody who could finally help and save her?
The story took place in the City of Estenzia, Kennettra. A land ruled by a puppet king and a manipulative traitorous queen named Giulietta. It is said that many malfettos survived the deadly illness about a decade ago and they managed to live a normal life despite of all the deformities that the disease brought them. They are always in a constant battle for their lives because of the queen’s order which is to totally get rid of them especially those who are referred to as THE YOUNG ELITES. They are always hiding because every normal being in the society recognizes them as a threat. The setting is perfect for a story like this, although I didn’t notice anything special or unique about it. It has a grand and classy palace surrounded by people who are afraid and oppressed. Fantasy settings should always surprise and use a reader’s imagination to the fullest. It should also make us feel as if we are travelling in the character’s very own world. But in my case, I feel detached from them. I was not able to build a connection between me and characters. I find the setting odd, plain and simple and nothing really impressed me that much
Adelina Amouteru. A young lady who’s power is so great that even her fellow elites are bothered by her existence. She is always so eager and desperate to please her father even though he dislikes her that much. She grew up with her sister, Violetta, who happens to be the apple-of-the-eye of their father. Adelina is full of potential and yet she doesn’t believe in her own strength and capabilities. She is always self-pitying; acting weak and helpless. But one incident finally changed her. It ignited the fire that is burning up inside her all these years. Finally, she is ready to face her enemies and fight for her life and freedom.
Enzo Valenciano. Is Enzo swoon-worthy? DEFINITELY. He is a handsome and brilliant prince who was dethroned by his sister. He is always fighting for his place and title. He is the right heir to the throne but unfortunately, he is a malfetto so his sister, Giulietta, did everything she can so that Enzo will be thrown out of the kingdom. But suddenly everything changed since the day he met and rescued Adelina from her pending death. And the rest is history.
Teren Santoro. This young man over here caught my undivided attention. I like the way that he was created. He is someone who’s so blinded by love that he’ll do everything and anything he can just to obey the queen’s order which is to destroy his own kind. He is strong, skilled and a real catch. Every woman in Kenettra will surely fall madly in love with him but the problem is that he is too focused on his feelings for the queen that Giulietta was able to manipulate him very well. I hoped and prayed for a love triangle but sadly, I was disappointed. Teren and Adelina could have been my ship instead of Enzo.
Writing Style and Plot
If there is one thing that I really like about this story is how fast the pacing is. I managed to finish it in three days despite of my busy schedule. It is very intriguing so you’ll never put the book down once you started reading it, PROMISE. But I guess expecting too much will just ruin you in the end. Yes, I did like the flow of the story especially the way Adelina evolved from a fragile human being into a feisty badass female protagonist but then I was shocked and devastated when I found out that “that’s all they’ve got”. Seriously?  I craved and asked for more. I thought jaw-dropping action scenes will come my way which will make my reading experience more fun and gripping. I was left hanging. It almost got me on certain parts, like during Enzo and Adelina’s cheesy moments. Gosh! I really did love and ship that pair. They brought me butterflies in the stomach but I was left dead at the end. How could that happen? I almost fell head over heels with Enzo! WHY? L I also think that some parts were a bit cliché’. Anyway, I like how Teren’s character annoyed the hell out of me. He is an effective antagonist and I will give him credit for that. The twists are all pretty nice but they did not surprise me or made me flinch. Sadly, every revelation was predictable right from the beginning. But despite all my rant I still think that it is a good story with a decent plot so it is still nice to add this in your TBR list especially if you are into fantasy stories with a dash of revenge. But, again, I warned you, never expect too much so you won’t get hurt in the end. J I am so sorry if you’re an avid fan of this book; don’t get me wrong, I am undeniably captivated by the Legend trilogy! It’s just that June and Day were too much that I thought Adelina and the rest of the group will exceed my expectations. I still and will always recommend this to everyone, if you want something that you can surely finish in a day or two plus with a kickass female character then you should definitely pick this one up and have a glimpse of their world. 
Favourite Lines
“No one wants you to be yourself. They want you to be the version of yourself that they like.”
“Don’t forget one weapon just because of another.”
“Sometimes the only way to set things right is to do what is difficult.”
“When people like you, they treat you well.” 
“Trust is when we plummet into the depths of an abyss and reach out for each other’s hands.”
There are a lot of things that I learned from the story. Yes, it’s true; people will treat you nicely if they like you. Sadly, that’s one of the depressing realities in our life. People easily judge us according to what they see and not on who we truly are. Next, you can’t really choose who to love and give your heart to. Like in the case of Teren, despite the fact that the queen is manipulating him and taking advantage of his feelings, he still chose to be under her spell and follow whatever she commanded. Lastly, sometimes we really have to be pushed harder in order for our true potential to reign. Adelina is somewhat lucky to bump into Enzo’s life because he helped her develop her potentials so that she can fight back and defend herself from her enemies. This is a very good story that contains a lot of lessons that may help its readers to fully understand and appreciate the fantasy world/genre.

Published by Janna Jeline Aguilar