I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this book ‘To The Transplant Games’ by the author Caroline McIntosh.  The book is both a great read and also highlights organ donation.

Set in London, three teenagers are affected in three different ways with organ donation.  One struggles while waiting for a new organ, another struggles with life after a transplant and the third struggles with the emotion of being related to someone who’s had an organ transplant.

To The Transplant Games is an uplifting and inspiring novel which gives a lot of insight into the importance as well as the struggles people go to with organ donation.  The book is separated into three parts and each chapter follows one of three stories.  There are no chapter numbers, instead the story follows a pattern, first we read a part of Aiden’s story, then Zafirah’s and finally Tanya’s story, before beginning the cycle again.  This different style works surprisingly well and each chapter ends leaving you wanting to read on to find out what happens next.

The writing style is good, better than many books and the whole story was easy to read and has a satisfying and also heart warming ending.  I did learn a lot about organ donation from this book, even though it is only fiction it does show a lot of the emotions that people go through, not only for those that are waiting or have had a transplant but Tanya’s story shows the struggle of what it’s like to be the sibling of a donor recipient.  I really enjoyed this particular story showing the emotional impact of organ transplant as a lot of the time this aspect can be overlooked. 

The three stories are loosely linked together by their location and by one character but they are otherwise three separate stories.  I personally would have liked to have seen some more interaction between the main three characters.  I also feel that the ending, though uplifting and satisfying, was rushed with Aiden’s story, I would have liked to have seen one more scene to see what happened between him and another character.  These are of course my own opinions.  The book itself is readable by all ages and there’s no offensive topics or anything.  Overall I enjoyed this book.  It was a good read and helps show the importance of organ donation and the fact that some of the proceeds of the sales of To The Transplant Games are donated to the British Transplant Games makes this worth buying.


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