Books tell me the world. School tells me the world. Travel tells me the world. They all do the same thing to me. But how they reach me is not the same.

Guys, I have taken an interest in book for 3 years. Before that, I only read 1 book a month or maybe less. I thought that book made me waste my time, that I could play my favorite sports instead. Of course, books were my friend in high school time, but it was just for compulsory studying, not for any hobbies. What I read at that time is about Math, about Physics, about Literature... and all of them lead to the final point: homework. Just look back, I find myself a stupid schoolgirl who only focused on homework. I should have read a lot of books as I could because very now I realize something. Book lets me know what I really like not by the content of it but by my reaction to it. I can know I like traveling by reading a book named "The drifters" without falling asleep, I can know I do not like Accountant by reading the book named "Finance Accountant" and sleeping 5 minutes later. But it's okay that I figure that out a little late, now I just keep doing that thing with books while looking for inspiration.

How about school? Oh mom, school does not work on me until now. Let me tell you a story. When I was a schoolgirl, I kept studying hard to chase the good marks under the pressure from my family. Finally, I did have good marks, I did have scholarship, I did win the 1st prize in some contests but these things also did empty me with nothing about the real world. You can say I was a chasing-perfect student that time. These things drove me to nowhere except the road to the confusing world. During the marriage time with university, I also study  til I can not do that anymore, I mean til I know that life is not for me. I deserve an amazing life that I make.

Travel makes me fall in love with itself. It is somehow my first love and my best psychologist ever. Through traveling, I have courage; through traveling, I am not shy when being in front of people anymore; through traveling, I learn and understand faster than the same things I learn from school or book. Uh oh, travel does work on me, true story. Being with travel, I have no pressure, I have freedom instead. It is unbelievable that I used to be scared of heading to a strange land, that I used to need my person all day everyday, everywhere and everytime. But now, I love my being alone of traveling because I really love my psychologist.

Now what? Book is catching my inspiration of writing. I have 3 reasons of my reading book: learning how to write, attracting knowledge and looking for inspiration. School, I am still having class every week, still taking exam and heading to the final part of university life. Anyway, school is always the hardest for me. I did not quit though I intended to. Someday, a French guy asked me why I did not break up with university. "It's my plan B", answered me. I keep my heart for traveling, I choose to travel as the way I see the world, at least until now. I work, I save, I travel and I repeat. 

To build my dream that I haven't figured out yet, I choose travel.

Published by My Lu