How did I get here? It was not long ago that I was 21 years old, about to finish my bachelor’s degree and start a promising career when I got the news. I was pregnant – with twins! Talk about a WTF moment! But on another note, it’s one hell of a graduation present!

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“Your life is about to change”, they said. No sh*t Sherlock; this was not in my plan, so of course my life is going to change! TWINS! Not one unplanned child, TWO! They grossly understated how much my life was about to change, as nothing could prepare me for the road that lay ahead! Anyway, fast forward through a very interesting pregnancy, wrought with several ups and downs (you’ll hear more about these in other posts) to getting back on track with my plans. I was accepted to do my masters! Now, I am not sure if many of you can relate to nights with one twin on your left leg and the other on the right, each “helping” you type that final project or thesis or using your analytical chemistry book as the bedtime story book. If you haven’t tried the textbook story thing you should, it’s hilarious when you use different voices. So yes, my life did change, dramatically and drastically, as this new method of studying was not what I was used to! But guess what? I passed with flying colours and got my masters!

I got photobombed in 2007!


So, two degrees down and I tick that from my to-do list. Next on the list, time to get a job! How lucky I must be to go into an interview and the panel asks about how and what I feed my twins. So like any new mother, I launch into mommy-mode and ramble on about how I came by my decision to breastfeed and when to stop, to what factors I considered when it was time for formula and then on to solid foods. Thank God the panel consisted of a bunch of women, because a man would have probably keeled over with boredom or stopped the interview and sent me packing. But hey, I got the job! Unbeknownst to me there was a vacancy in the infant nutrition department and I was a perfect size 9 to fill those shoes! Thank the Lord, my adorable unplanned children proved to be a blessing once again!


The following years were a blur of temper tantrums (mine and the twins), first day of school, bicycle training, skinned knees, growing and losing teeth, business trips, homework and all the good stuff! As I climbed the corporate ladder and my life grew into the frame of my original pre-children plan; my boys grew exponentially and in proportion to my career. They are now 11 years old; and my did the time fly! It recently occurred to me that so much happened during those very quick 11 years and while I have picture memories, I don’t have anything documented. I should have been chronicling my experiences and my learning so that other mothers can benefit. That’s why I started this blog – to share my story; my joys, laughter, pain and most importantly, what I learned from it all. I want you to relax and enjoy each story with me, but most of all, I want you to share and feel with me. I am Krishta-Gay Harewood, loving wife, mother of twin boys, daughter, sister, marketer and this is my story.

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