As usual, the start of a new month brings a few lists of the most anticipated books coming out in the thirty or so days to come.


Epic Reads selects 23 books to spotlight, starting with Replica by Lauren Oliver, the story of a human named Gemma and a clone named Lyra.  The book has received some attention for its unique style, allowing readers to read Gemma and Lyra’s stories simultaneously, or one after the other.  The list also includes new books in series by Marie Lu, Rick Riordan, and Amy Ewing, among others.

There are two books on the Epic Reads list that jump out at me, for very different reasons.  First we have When the Moon was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore.  What strikes me about this book is that it really seems like two books in one,  with the first being a very real story about a transgender boy and the best friend he is developing romantic feelings for, and how their relationship changes.  The second story is a tale of magic, as best friends Miel and Sam attract the attention of the four Bonner sisters, supposed witches who believe that Miel is the key to a perfect love spell.  Will these two very different stories form a wonderful, cohesive whole, or will it turn out that they would have been better served being told in two separate books?

The second book that catches my eye is I’m Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl by Gretchen McNeil.  This story, of one girl’s attempt to create a formula to achieve high school popularity, seems like much lighter fare than my previous experience with McNeil, including a book I recently read from her about demonic possession.  I guess it’s kind of the inverse of Stephanie Perkins going from fluffy romantic contemporaries to her upcoming horror novel.

The Barnes & Noble Teen Blog one ups Epic Reads by putting 32 books on their list of October releases to be checked out.  Books that weren’t on the Epic Reads list include Wrecked by Maria Padian and Last Stars by Lisa Selin Devlin, about sexual assault and a sister’s death respectively.  A lighter option would be We Know it was You by Maggie Thrash, about the two members of Winship Academy’s Mystery Club investigating the bizarre suicide of a cheerleader.

Finally, Swoony Boys Podcast has provided their own list of books coming out this month.  One book unique to this list sounds like a potential option for anyone looking for a thriller to read in the days leading up to Halloween.  One was Lost by Natalie D Richards tells the story of four classmates on a senior field trip who are isolated from the rest of the group by a flash flood.  If that’s not bad enough, they then wake up to find the words Damaged, Deceptive, Dangerous and Daring inked onto their skin.  That can’t be a good sign.


Published by Andrew Clendening