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How's everyone doing? Summer's gone and it's monsoon already. And I am definitely not one of those people that hates monsoons. I think monsoon gives us time for ourselves. But sometimes, it can get quite boring. So, here's a list of books, new and old, that are sure to keep you hooked throughout!

Let's get started!

IF TOMORROW COMES (Sidney Sheldon)

This novel starts with a normal girl that gets framed for robbery. Her fiance dumps. She goes to jail, gets ill-treated. But she grows and becomes a ninja (no, not actually). She also escapes out of jail and meets someone. She leaves her  normal life and becomes a thief, a cool one. This was my first Sidney Sheldon and I have been hooked ever since.


Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I read this one a few weeks back. This was my first Agatha Christie and I enjoyed through the ups and downs of the story. It's the story of a man getting murdered on a train (as the title suggests) with only 12 passengers excluding Hercule Poirot, M. Bouc and Dr. Constantine.

THE TIME OF MY LIFE (Cecelia Ahern)

The story is rather strange, starting with a lazy girl, who has been lying to herself for the past few years, not being able to move on, is approached my the Life Agency. An agency that knows everything about you. They help you make your life better. This is a great book for monsoon.

TELL ME YOUR DREAMS (Sidney Sheldon)

Yes, another Sidney Sheldon. This is the story of a girl who thinks she is being stalked. She is accused of murder of 4 people who she never met. I will say no more. Read it!


This is such a good series! I read it nearly 3 years back after my friend, Milan suggested it to me (for 2 years)! Thank you Milan :* !

It is all about Shadowhunters, Vampires and other Downworlders! This one is a MUST READ ! I repeat, MUST READ! It has been such a long time I finished this series, but the love for it hasn't decreased a bit!

THE CLOCKS (Agatha Christie)

I read this recently. About a murder in a blind woman's house. Great book to pass your time on a rainy day. Definitely, worth it. You will remain clueless until the very end!

P. S. I LOVE YOU (Cecelia Ahern)

I don't need to tell anything about this book. We all have read it many, many times and still say 'Aww' at the end! An amazing romance, it will not let you read it just once. What's more perfect for the rainy day?


This is such a cute book, I swear! The first in the trilogy, Perfect Chemistry is bound keep you in awe with the romance of Brittany Ellis and Alejandro Fuentes (aka Alex). The next parts in the series just keep getting as cute as they can!

I hope these books keep you caught up until the next post about what you would wanna do on a rainy day!

What are your go-to books?


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