"Books have a way of making 

you homesick for a place

you've never been to."


When I wrote this quote I could totally relate to it. When I truly love a book I will go in to the story with everything I have. I shut myself of from everything that is going on around me and I jump in the book completely. That doesn't happen quite often but when it does it will be a book that I will read for many more times.

I like books more than films. Because when you read a book you can put your imagination in it. You can decide how the surroundings look, how a person looks. It is all from yourself. And there will be nobody that can take that away from you. No one can steal it from you. It is a little part from yourself. And I do not think there are much things you can keep for yourself these days. Everything needs to be said. You get so much information everyday it is necessary for yourself to have some escape. For me books are my escape. I read every day. I don't know what I would be doing if books didn't exist.

My teacher ones told me that everyone has a destined book. A book that you read or listen to for the first time and that will make you like reading. Some people will have it from the day the listen to a book and for some people that book will come on their path when they are eighty, but everyone will experience it once (if you have books in your life). I had that moment when I was in primary school. I read a book where so much happened that wasn't true that it made me read on and on, because I wanted to know what would happen next. But it was also a book with a lot of different characteristics so I could relate to a lot of different characters in the book. It was the first book I had finished within three days. That won't happen if I do not like the book. That book that was my destined book. It was the first book where I was jumping in the story seeing everything happening in front of me.

I had a friend that never had it until last year. He was 21 in that moment. I was astonished. How is it possible that he never had experienced it before like I had. That was the time my teacher told about the destined book. It made me think that it is logical that reading is boring then when you've never experienced it like I do with lots of stories.

I hope that you already have found your destined book. Or that you will find it soon. Reading is so much fun when you see it all happening as a film in front of you. But in your head. Your self-made film. A little piece of your own that no one will ever take from you.

Your own story with the words from and author.

But that also makes it hard when the book and the story is over. I had that multiple times now. When I like a book a lot and I am at the end it always takes some time before I close the book. Almost scared and sad that it is over. Getting a little 'homesick' to a place I've never been.  To people that I never have met and never will meet because they are ficton. They do not excist.

Weird isn't it? That you can get so attached to something that never will be reality. But also so beautiful in its own way.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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