Some books to keep an eye out for!

The Reading Nook looks at The Lying Woods by Ashley Elston.  This November release follows Owen, who must return from boarding school after his father goes on the run when he is exposed as an embezzler.  The review praises the book for selling the emotions of the angry townspeople, as well as Owen’s confused betrayal.  It also promises a shocking bombshell that leads to a satisfying conclusion.

Turning to a July release, Grace and Fury gets a positive review from Overflowing Bookshelves.  This fantasy follows two sisters, one of whom is in the palace, while the other languishes in prison.  While a bit predictable at times, it is still said to be an engaging narrative with good character arcs for the sisters.

One highly anticipated summer release is My Plain Jane, the retelling of Jane Eyre which also includes Charlotte Bronte as a character.  Epic Reads presents a book trailer, while Such a Novel Idea praises the book as a fun and addictive read.  Bookmark Lit was less impressed, but still felt that the book got much better after an uneven beginning.

Overflowing Bookshelves also looked at The Truth Lies Here by Lindsey Klingele.  The story follows an aspiring journalist searching for her conspiracy theorist father, when weird things start to happen around town, including her missing chunks of memory and men in black showing up.  Which sounds a bit like the book I’m trying to get published!   Except for the search for a missing father part, that is.  The review calls the book enjoyable, if at times predictable. 

Epic Reads looks ahead to the winter with this group of cover reveals.  The Everless and Truly Devious sequels are here, along with a new RL Stine book, and a creepy gothic story called Dreaming darkly.

The Barnes & Noble Teen Blog presents 24 anticipated July releases.  The list includes the next Nyxia book, as well as The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas.  The blog also has a separate article looking at the best July books.  The Cheerleaders makes that list as well, but Great Imaginations doesn’t agreeHer review says the book was predictable and unmemorable.  The Barnes & Noble blog also presents a list of books coming from independent publishers in the second half of 2018.  The list includes a new offering from Nova Ren Suma, which seems like it will be a haunting tale much like her previous works.  I really liked one of her books, but was disappointed by the other, so I’m not sure if I’ll look into this one. 

Finally, Kassidy Voinche reviews a couple of recent paranormal books, Beyond a Darkened Shore and The Wicked Deep.  She was most impressed with The Wicked Deep, which I also quite enjoyed, except for one issue I had with the ending, as I’ve noted in the past.

Published by Andrew Clendening