So many books, and so little money!

If you were lucky enough to receive a gift card this holiday season, Epic Reads has a list of 28 books that you might want to consider picking up.  The list includes Everless, the fantasy novel I’ve mentioned before where time is used as currency.  I’m intrigued, though still confused about how that works.  Another book on the list I’ve mentioned before is The Final Six from Alexandra Monir, which has a similar scenario as two books I enjoyed, Nyxia and Dare Mighty Things.  The two main characters are invited to compete for sports on a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa, to set up a new human colony due to Earth becoming increasingly inhospitable.  Then there is To Kill a Kingdom, a retelling of The Little Mermaid that wasn’t on my TBR list, though it might be forcing its way on to it.

Books on the list that I haven’t mentioned in the past include Honor Among Thieves, a story about humans recruited to live on sentient alien ships and Sinless, a story that sounds very similar to Uglies by Scott Westerfield, though here instead of everyone becoming beautiful, good people are blessed with beauty while evil ones are disfigured, or worse.

Epic Reads also lists exciting books coming this winter, and this list has another book about beauty.  The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton takes place in a world where people are “born gray”, and only the belles can help them become beautiful.  Clayton co-wrote the Tiny Pretty Things duology, about cutthroat ballet dancers.

The Barnes & Noble Teen Blog’s list of 2018 debuts includes People Like Us from Dana Mele, about a student at a private school who begins to receive messages that are supposedly from a dead classmate, and The Wicked Deep from Shea Ernshaw, about a town where three sisters who were killed for practicing witchcraft return each year to seek revenge.  The blog also lists the fantasy novels they are looking forward to this year, including The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross and a King Lear inspired tale from Tessa Gratton

Epic Reads list of January releases includes Reign the Earth by A.C. Gaughen, the story of an arranged marriage to bring peace between neighboring kingdoms, which is threatened due to the bride possessing elemental magic, and the husband’s desire to exterminate all those who possess this magic.  What’s odd is that the synopsis for the book says that the magic relates to earth, wind, air, and fire.  Presumably it’s supposed to be water in place of wind, or are wind and air different?

The Penguin Teen blog offers up the first two chapters from Lies You Never Told Me by Jennifer Donaldson, a thriller coming in the summer.  Bookmark Lit reviews The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, a story of intrigue at a fae court.  The Eater of Books offers another review, praising the book even though she doesn’t really like books about the fae.  Itsjanelindsey presents five reasons to check out the book.

Finally, interviews Brendan Reichs and Ally Condie (or rather, has them interview each other) about their upcoming collaboration, a middle grade duology about a group of kids who find a portal to another dimension where figments of imagination can become reality.  I’ve not read one word from Condie, best known for the Matched series, but I am familiar with Reichs through the Virals series (co-written with his mother Kathy Reichs of Bones fame), and Nemesis.

Published by Andrew Clendening