Reads to keep an eye out for in the near and distant future.

Goodreads can be frustrating (can I get a notification when a TBR book gets or changes a release date?), but I do appreciate this list of anticipated books for the rest of the year, helpfully sorted into genres, no less.  One of the titles I’ll be waiting for is Jennifer Donaldson’s sophomore novel, after I enjoyed her debut book Lies You Never Told Me.  I took a quick look at the  new book’s Goodreads page and saw some early reviews that were very positive, and singled out the ending for specific praise.  This is a good sign, since the end of her first novel was a bit of a weak point.

Meanwhile, Epic Reads dives deeper into the fantasy genre, presenting books to look for between now and January.  The list includes the conclusions for Three Dark Crowns, The Cruel Prince, and Renegades.  There is also Shea Ernshaw’s sophomore novel, Winterwood, which will hopefully be as good as The Wicked Deep without the problematic elements.

The site also looks at covers for winter 2020, including the final Truly Devious book.  I still think I know who the final culprit is, but we will have to wait and see.  Another book that has caught my eye is Redemption Prep, a mystery at an elite prep school.

Penguin Teen is also looking to the new year, suggesting five books to add to your TBR list.  The one the catches my eye the most is Rebelwing, a dystopian debut with robot dragons.  The site also has a list of cover reveals, including one for Rules for Vanishing, a Blair Witch type tale of a quest to find a missing sister, by way of a legendary ghost.  There is also a promising excerpt.

Speaking of cover reveals, Epic Reads takes an in depth look at the cover for Kingdom of Souls, an upcoming dark fantasy.

Epic Reads also presents the opening chapters of A Dress for the Wicked, a tale of fantasy and fashion.  The Fandom reviews Remember Me by Chelsea Bobulski, the story of a girl who finds herself haunted by visions related to a murder that took place in her new home. Unfortunately, while the book does have some spooky moments, it mostly reads like a contemporary.

The Barnes & Noble Teen Blog offers a list of upcoming sophomore novels, including the aforementioned Winterwood from Shea Ernshaw, along with a book from Kelly Devos which sounds like quite a departure from her initial book, Fat Girl on a Plane.  Finally, Literary Dust looks at another sophomore novel coming out early next year, Oasis by Katya de Becerra.  Her first book, What the Woods Keep, was similar to The Wicked Deep in overall feel, though it wasn’t quite as good, in my opinion.

Published by Andrew Clendening