How many times have I found myself lost? Unable to know the answers to my never-ending curiosity about this world? How many times have  I not understood myself – thinking I was alone in this journey – full of rejections and unreasonable qualms?

Many times, I found myself alone in a crowd, thinking they never feel what I feel inside, In times of trials and challenges, how many times have I turned to books for answers?

When I applied for a job, it was also books that guided me to my interview and so with my heartbreak thereafter. When I feel lost and seems like the whole world is expecting me to do magic, it was still the books that made me believe I need not impress anybody but myself.

It was books that gave light to my darkened day. When all people I call for help have not given me the answers that I need. Books were my savior in times when I was clueless on what should I do in my life and how to find purpose as well.

Even the erotica books gave me that powerful perception that it’s OK for women to cry and look for sex because it’s how a woman can feel loved and wanted. Books opened doors for me to realize things that nobody has taught me.

It has given me different perspectives about life, that people will go through setbacks and it wasn’t only me that felt the same.

Books gave me company when no one can explain why I feel so different from the rest. It made me believe that being unique is not bad at all. When I thought I was worthless, it was also the books that landed my bookshelf, that made me see the real worth of being who you are. That no matter how people judge and criticize you, it doesn’t matter anymore because it was books that told me, every individual is beautiful in their own way.

Thank you to the authors who made me feel better, in every page of their written ideas, stories and wisdom. It was because of them that I found my confidence, my strength, contentment and happiness.

Thank you books,  for the company. I’m glad I’ve met you. 

Originally published on: Books in My Baggage

Published by Trixie Ricablanca